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tv   Today  NBC  May 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we era back with more on monday morning. we have a gray day in new york city, but a nice crowd of people sticking around on the we haven't been out much today, so we apologize for that. inside the studio i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and natalie morales. more on how joplin, missouri, is coping. what a day they had in the aftermath of the tornado that
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tore through town around 5:30 in the afternoon on sunday. by the time it was over dozens were killed. 25 to 30% of the town was damaged including the regional hospital. that was evacuated moments before it took a direct hit. >> missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard to help with a search for survivors. they could be facing more severe weather today which is unbelievable. al is there. we'll check in with him in a few minutes. >> the sky is so ominous. meanwhile, coming up, a guide to summer health. we'll help you separate fact from myth when it comes to enjoying the summer months ahead. later on, does your high schooler need help choosing a university and you don't know where to take the family this summer? we have five college towns that double as great family vacation destinations. >> that's two for the price of one. it works out well. first let's get to al in joplin,
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missouri. al, what's the latest? >> the latest is, matt, the skies are really threatening. we have a severe line of thunderstorms. nowhere near as bad as yesterday. in fact, as you look at the time lapse from yesterday, you can see that line coming into joplin, missouri. and this is the result of it. that's st. johns hospital, completely devastated. cars strewn all over, picked up by the tornado. dropped here. and then, of courses, the real devastation, you can get a real sense of it. this was a neighborhood. and this scene is repeated block after block. for these people they are just beginning to climb out of this hole. >> oh, gosh. okay. got it. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the eye of the storm -- joplin, missouri. >> that is a monster tornado.
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>> reporter: a massive one half to three-quarters of a mile wide tornado tore through joplin, blowing debris 18,000 feet into the air. >> bad. oh, my gosh. this is awful. >> i don't know what that was. >> this is -- look at that. that is destroyed. >> this was an f-4 or f-56789. -- f-5. >> two of the trees -- the trees are debarked. >> reporter: streets and neighborhoods stripped bare in moments. within moments, rescue workers raced to the scene to rescue those trapped in the rubble. the weather channel's mike bettes was chasing the tornado when it hit ground. he arrived here in joplin about ten minutes after the tornado hit. >> we rolled up maybe 45 minutes ago. i have witnessed fatalities in joplin. we are trying to figure out if anyone needses help. people are scrambling right now. take a scope of the damage. it's taking my breath away here.
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multiple homes, businesses destroyed. cars have been flipped. mangled debris everywhere you look. people are trying to help any way they can. people being pulled out of buildings this evening as well. we have come across many people that need as much help as possible. i think they will be overwhelmed with the amount of damage, injuries and fatalities here. they need help in joplin. >> i got in the basement, put my arms over my head and it caved in on me. >> reporter: one of the area's primary sources of emergency care -- st. johns regional medical center -- was destroyed. >> the backup generators got hit. no power. there was nothing but darkness. the wind just started blowing the doors open. stuff started just flying. we all got down on the floor and
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just prayed that we made it through. >> reporter: the raw emotion of the moment was difficult, even for a seasoned reporter. >> people are looking for family members. if you look at this neighborhood, all i can say is it lookses reminiscent of what we saw last month in -- excuse me. in tuscaloosa. yeah. it's tough. no question about that. it's a very tragic scene in joplin, missouri. tornado devastation as far as the eye can see. in the distance beyond the firefighters doing search and rescue we have fires that are erupting in joplin. it really is an unfolding scene. changes minute by minute. neighbors are trying to pull -- oh, they just pulled out their
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dog. that is great. they just pulled the dog. he looks to be okay. that's great news. neighbors have been telling us, i know my neighbor is in there. it's too dangerous to get in there and there aren't enough first responders to deal with the immense tragedy that's here. >> reporter: joplin wasn't the only midwest area hit hard this weekend. tornadoes touched down in oklahoma and minneapolis, killing at least one person there. hail the size of golf balls pelted nebraska. but back here in hard-hit joplin, as dusk settled, so did the harsh reality of all that's been lost. >> they had a theater and a play this evening. we had to dig through there and actually did have a couple dead in there. as you look at the latest radar, we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. joplin is in that. it looks like it is anywhere from two to three-inch diameter hail in this system. we are not seeing rotation yet to indicate a tornado. but we are obviously going to watch it.
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risk area. joplin in the strong risk area. slight risk from texas to western pennsylvania. rainfall amounts from two to four inches of rain. so we have flood watches and warnings in effect for the area for a good portion of southern missouri and northern arkansas. with 89 people killed, matt, ann, and natalie, this is the deadliest single tornado since worcester, mass in 1953. 25 to 30% of the town has been devastated. matt, you asked me earlier about the tornado sirens. it's sporadic. in some areas they are working. in some areas they are not. we are getting lightning now. this is a really changeable situation and the big concern while they have some shelters set up, there is nowhere to go really if the tornado strikes, there is nowhere to go. guyses, back to you.
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>> al roker from joplin. that is a concern. you have people milling around the wreckage trying to find people and possessions. if another storm comes through there, hopefully they will have time to react. >> exactly. >> let's hope it doesn't happen. >> you have the rest of the top stories? >> president obama began this morning expressing condolences to joplin, missouri. he and the first lady are in ireland visiting the hometown of his irish great, great, great grandfather. ireland is the first stop of a week-long tour that will include britain, france and poland. another icelandic tornado is scuttling air traffic but so far flights in ice land are the only ones restricted. a cloud of ash shot 10.5 miles into the sky on sunday and could reach scottish air space tonight. tim pawlenty is the latest to enter the race for president. this morning on this broadcast he said president obama doesn't have the courage to look people
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in the eye and tell them what we have to do to control government spending. in one of the taliban's most daring raids in years a major pakistani navy base was invaded last night where heavily armed insurgents destroyed aircraft and killed at least 12 pakistani security officers. a dozen insurgents remained this morning in a stand-off with commandos. two hikers held in iran on spy charges got to call home on sunday for only the third time since they were arrested nearly two years ago. shane bower and josh fatal told the families they staged a 17-day hunger strike when their mail was stopped. the hikers' motherers began their own hunger strikes on thursday after getting word that their sons were fasting. and the latest installment of "pirates of the caribbean" plundered the weekend box office, swash buckling away with 90.1 million dollars and the top spot. "bridesmaids" was second and
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"thor" fell to third. nine minutes past the hour. you're now up to date. >> i hear good thing about "pirates". >> i hear one of the best ever. also good things about "thor" and "bridesmaids." >> mr. roker is back in joplin. al, good morning again. >> hey, guys. what's your name, sir? >> john degrass. >> john, where do you live? >> the third house if you can find -- there is a little bit of roof left right there. i live in the third house. >> how much warning did you get when the siren went off? >> the sirens went off as i was running up the alley to go to the big house on the corner to get in the basement. the sirens went off roughly three, two minutes before the tornado. my ears started popping and the giant house came down. >> you say you have a next door neighbor unaccounted for? >> yeah, larry is 73. we cannot find him. he's the only one unaccounted for on the block. i know he was home because he was home an hour before when i
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pulled the car around the back to put it in the carport. >> we hope he's okay. sorry for your loss. we are glad you're safe. thank you. let's show you what's going on and again for today, we have severe weather, a risk of strong storms from texas up to parts of western pennsylvania, western new york. we've got more rain moving into the pacific northwest. sunshine through the gulf but again severe weather here and we're keeping an eye on it. >> the rain we had earlier has now dissipated. we should be fine until the later afternoon hours where scattered thunderstorms could
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that's your latest weather. natalie? ♪ >> al, thank you. this morning on be well, be healthy, summer health myth busters. by now we know mom's warning to eat 30 minutes after eating before swimming or you will cramp up. well, it isn't true. and we are here to separate fact from fiction. doctor, good to have you here. first up is we are spending time outdoors in the summer. the big question is can eyes get sun burned? >> that's a fact. your eyes can be sun it is bubu. symptoms are red, tearing eyes and light sensitivity. if you allow your eyes to be exposed to the sun for extended periods like if you run every morning without sunglasseses you can get a number of eye conditions developing over time. they have difficult names. one is pingwekula, or yellow
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spots on the eyes. terigium is tissue growth between the corner of the eye and the iris and can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. we always recommend wearing sunglasses with uva and uvb protection. >> all right. good point. next up, flip-flops. everybody has them and wears them in the summer. fact or fiction. are they not good for your feet? >> that's fact. they are not good. they don't offer arch support, cushioning or shock absorption. it can lead to heel pain, tendinitis, pinched nerves in the foot and also when you clench your toes around the thong it can create a hammer toe. >> not pretty. >> certainly not pretty. >> best solution is go with a shoe that offers more support. >> like a sandal or a wedge is a better bet. it distributes weight more easily. >> you need the arch support.
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>> next is a dip in the pool is like taking a shower. fact or myth? >> definitely not. when you think about when you go in the pool. >> so gross. >> we don't rinse off. it's sweat and sunscreen. it can make chlorine less effective. so you can get a bunch of bacteria that grow in the pool. one is common called cryptosporidium which causes diarrhea. also skin rashes. get out, wash with soap and water. >> and the chlorine dries your skin. >> it does. >> next is poison ivy rash is not contagious. fact or myth? >> they are not contagious. the oil on the plant, when it gets on your skin you can get an allergic reaction. the rash itself, no matter how much crusting and oozing you have, if i touch it, i won't get it. >> ew. >> you have to wash -- it's the oil that's contagious. >> so if the oil is on clothing
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or other items that can spread. >> exactly. >> anything that came in contact with the plant wash thoroughly with soap and water. and tonight forget your shoelaces. >> i didn't think of that. next is air conditioning makes you sick. fact or myth? >> it doesn't make you sick. that's a myth. a lot of people think i go in the cold, i got a chill. only germs cause illness. often times you're experiencing when you go outside and get the sniffles, it's allergies. stay indoors if you are prone to allergies and get a hepa filter to protect from indoor allergens. >> great information. thanks for separating fact from myth for us. up next, answers to your pressing questions about today's housing market. first, these messages.
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estate" answers to your real es talts problems from making home improvements to finding property in the caribbean. we have barbara corcoran here with advice. good morning. >> good morning. >> always great to see you and your sunny self. >> thank you very much. >> first we have paul from california on skype. what's your question? good morning. >> good morning. good morning, barbara. >> good morning. >> my wife and i are professional with stable incomes. we want more space for our growing boys, but given the market and economy do we try to sell our house and move or do we stay for a while? >> your timing is perfect. you fall into the category of trading up. in today's market the big winners are people who trade up. even if you take 20% less or whatever's going on in your neck of the woods less for your home you will get the better home, the more expensive home for a 20% discount. so you're ahead of the game. a pretty little house, but if you are thinking of trading up don't waste time. get out in the market and start shopping. >> thank you very much.
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>> thanks, paul. do you think that's true for people who want to trade up will benefit? >> definitely. the worse the market, the better the advantages. >> we have a telephone call from anna in woodland, california. another early riser. what's your question? >> we are considering selling our home. is replacement of a roof, windows or remodel of a bathroom a wise investment? or is it better to wait and negotiate those issues when selling. >> everybody out there shopping for a home is cranky. you think you can renegotiate or get a discount in some fashion to take care of what's wrong with the house. it's not that kind of market. people aren't forgiving the sins. you have to make the improvements to sell your house. the good news is that's your house there, i take it. the windows need replacement. you may have mentioned the roof. you get 70% to 80% of money back when you make those improvements. it's not about whether you should do it or not.
9:21 am
it's whether you have to to sell your house. >> thanks. >> thank you, anna. we have an e-mail question from dan in reno, nevada. he writes, my wife and i are thinking of relocating to the beautiful caribbean islands. >> ooh. >> we'll rent an apartment to get a feel of the location before we purchase. can you please tell us where to find information on rentals in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands? >> this is a tricky thing. most people don't think there are websites to let you find homes. here's what happens. if you search "houses for rent" or "houses for sale" plus puerto rico you will turn up every house for sale like all the u.s. huge sights. you will get to know everything. if you want details like where do the americans live or where do i have internet service? for that you have to pick up the phone and speak with the brokers. but remember the key phrase. >> it can work wherever you want to live. >> people think once you get outside the states it doesn't
9:22 am
work anymore. it works everywhere. >> barbara corcoran, thank you very much. coming up next, how to turn a college visit into a family vacation. first, these messages. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen. novolog is a fast-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not inject novolog if you do not plan to eat within 5 to 10 minutes after injection to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. the most common side effect of novolog is low blood sugar. other possible side effects include reactions at the injection site. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat or sweating.
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coming up, the real housewives of new york city are getting together in times square to help keep us healthy. we'll tell you how. >> after your local news and weather. today we're going to surprise people with the taste of activia. that's good. wow. this is really good. great flavor! it's really creamy, it's really tasty. ooh! wow!
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> as we head through the rest of today, the chance for rain will be increasing. , get into the late afternoon hours, we could see thunderstorms develop. some could be rather strom. scattered showers and thunderstorms possible each day through the end of the week. it looks like it will clear
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that's 1.888.884.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. >> i just wanted to see who the dragon warrior was. >> how interesting. >> master? are you pointing at me? >> him. >> who? >> you. >> me? >> the universe has brought us the dragon warrior! >> what? >> what? >> what? >> if you recognize those voices, you're probably right. that's jack black reprizing his
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role as the panda named po. we have other big stars in "kung fu panda 2" including angelina jolie, seth rogen and jackie chan coming back as well. jack black will be here to tell us about it tomorrow on "today." i love that guy. >> i'm so looking forward to the sequel. i have been waiting for a good animated summer movie. >> meanwhile, we are outside with these great people. coming up, we want to talk about college towns. a lot of times when we are helping our high school kids figure out what university is right for them? can you take a family vacation at the same time? we'll show you five college towns that can also double as great family vacations. >> you did it with your daughter. >> i did. that played a part in which school she chose. >> that's fun to do. also ahead, it's prom season, time to pick a dress for a great
9:32 am
occasion. we have dresses your daughter will like that will get mom's stamp of approval. that's important. this is the time of year where teens conflict with their parents over what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. >> i went prom shopping with my daughter yesterday. it's a lot of fun. let's go to al roker who's in joplin, missouri, this morning as he has been all morning reporting on the terrible tornado and the impact there. hey, al. what can you tell us? >> well, as you can see, the sky has turned exceedingly black. the wind is picking up. it's starting to rain. and we are looking at a storm that's got anywhere from two and a half to three-inch hail in it. wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. it's starting. natalie, the big concern is if there is a tornado out of the system, there is nowhere to go. there are some shelters set up,
9:33 am
but they are few and far between. i want -- tony, take a look. you can see the edge of this now starting to roll in. this is not good. we're going to continue to track this, but we are really worried about it. as you look on the radar we are under a severe thunderstorm warning until 9:00 a.m. central time as the system pushes through. again, it's part of a larger area. we are under a strong risk for dangerous lightning, isolated tornadoes possible. the weather channel's dr. rick forbes has this area under a five out of ten possibility for a tornado today. that stretches right into tomorrow. whoa. okay. so that's what's going >> scattered thunderstorms will redevelop later this afternoon.
9:34 am
some of them could be strong to severe. high-temperature near 83. okay, a couple of people who lived through yesterday say this is exactly what it was like just before the tornado struck. we are not seeing -- as we look on the radar we are not seeing any rotation, but it's not a good situation right now. >> hey, al. what are the local authorities telling people given what they have gone through yesterday? given what's possible now again today? what are authorities telling people in terms of what they should do given that there are not enough shelters available? >> well, they are telling them to try to get to shelters.
9:35 am
again, there are not many around. the warning situations are such that depending where you are, the sirens aren't working. so this is a really serious situation in that the infrastructure is compromised. search and rescue is obviously, as you might imagine, really stretched beyond the limits. we have had people come in, search and rescue, fire, police come from different localities all over missouri. but it's a bad place -- we are in a bad situation right now. >> you know, you put down the microphone, get to safety as much as you can. encourage others as well. thank you so much for your reporting this morning, al. >> wow. >> okay, guys, thanks. >> good luck. to see it go from day to night just in the last half hour is scary. >> very dramatic. >> we'll switch gears to say hello to the real housewives of
9:36 am
new york city. kelly, jill, alex -- [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, ladies. >> hi. >> must be something special to bring you all together, hugging each other like this. what's the occasion? >> we are unveiling the step-a-thon in times square which is a free to the public installation where you can step and take small steps to live a healthier lifestyle. >> why are you united on the cause? >> one in five children are obese and 33% of adults are obese as well. that's not okay. the numbers are just not okay. we're going to say every step takes. if i can wake up and work out for 17 minutes so can everyone else. >> every step counts. >> every little thing you do counts. >> there are initiatives. walgreens is part of it as well.
9:37 am
>> thank you, ladies. >> we look forward to the rest of the season as well. >> thank you. >> up next, are you doing the college search this summer? we have five college towns that double as great summer vacation destinations as well after this. [ man ] i've seen beautiful things. ♪ i've seen the sunrise paint the desert. witnessed snowfall on the first day of spring. ♪ but the most beautiful thing i've ever seen was the image on a screen that helped our doctor see my wife's cancer was treatable.
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julie: ... i don't feel there's something out there better than what i've got now. vo: so to show her what she's missing, we built a pc store in her house. julie: (gasp) employee: thanks for dropping in! julie: you've got to be kidding me! this isn't my house anymore! employee: have a little look around! julie: very nice! employee: this one is touchscreen. julie: i like that. so there is no tower anymore? wow! i admit i'm wrong on this account that there is a computer better than mine. vo: new pc in the house julie(to camera): i'm a pc and i'm gonna kill him. >> announcer: education nation today is brought to you by university of phoenix. educated world is a better world. >> this morning on education nation, five college towns that
9:40 am
double as great family vacation destinations. college admissions expert catherine colin, ceo of ivy wise has advice on how to make the most out of a campus visit. >> hi. >> oh, my gosh, i have been down this road. i have been wondering. er there so many ways to look online to get an idea of what's happening, talk to people. why make the visits especially when they can be all across the country. >> nothing replaces an actual campus visit. we counsel families with young kids, 8th, 9th graders to introduce them to different campuses. for those with 11th and 12th graders who have done research they can visualize themselves on campus and see, should i apply to the school? >> you picked five places, destinations you think double as great family vacations for this idea. one is boston which has a plethora of colleges. >> it does. obviously known for the boston tea party, paul revere's ride.
9:41 am
it's nicknamed bean town. there is so much to do. you can catch a red sox game at fenway, listen to the boston pops, stroll the commons. i love that there are over 100 institutions and a hundred thousand college stunlts in the area. harvard, m.i.t., tufts, boston college, berkeley college of music, emerson, wellsley, babson. >> so say to your 9th or 10th grader, let's go look at m.i.t. no pressure. you're saying it's good to get them to visualize? >> exactly. >> let's go to washington, d.c., where there are lots of colleges and other things to see. >> the nation's capital. you can tour the white house, see the washington monument or the lincoln memorial or the holocaust museum. take your kids to the library of congress where there are 535 miles of book shelves and so many colleges. you have georgetown, american university, george washington
9:42 am
university, howard university. nearby is johns hopkins, uva. >> catholic university of america and chicago has lots of great one t. northwestern is a great school there. it's a town that's fun to visit. >> especially in the summer when it's not so cold. not only is it known for deep dish pizza but catch a cubs game or a blues show at the house of blues. lolapalooza and the modern wing of the museum. you can see the university of chicago, northwestern, depaul university, university of illinois, illinois institute of technology. so many great schools. >> okay. let's move to the southwest. specifically the denver area. >> we counsel families looking for a more outdoorsy location. there is so much to do in denver. hiking, biking, camping, white water rafting. you can visit rocky mountain national park or the rock and
9:43 am
roll hall of fame in red rocks park and also see the university of colorado both at denver and boulder campuses. colorado state university, denver university. university of denver. and also johnson wales. tons of schools there. >> los angeles, finally on our list. obviously a great place to visit with tons of great colleges as well. >> that's where i'm from. n you can go to the kodak theater, plan a trip to universal studios, go down the venice board walk. don't miss the tim burton exhibit at l.a. county museum of art. lots of different types of schools. ucla, clearmont college, woodbury. so many places to see. >> if you can convince your son or daughter to go see a college here -- it's tough to do. what would you say? >> well, you need to plan inned a vance. plan with your kids to do the information session and the tour.
9:44 am
let the colleges know you're there. don't just do a drive-by. let your kids know this can help for admissions later. colleges track your interest. >> thank you. coming up next, the perfect prom dress that will make mom and daughter both happy. we'll find out after these messages. [ male announcer ] diane was already the chief operating officer at a national tissue bank, when she decided to get her masters in health care administration. by choosing a university that connects working students to faculty who are also leaders in their fields, she was able to apply her studies to the real world, and help more people, much quicker. my name is diane wilson, i deliver the best gifts on earth, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] university of phoenix is proud to sponsor education nation. because we believe an educated world is a better world.
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9:47 am
trying to find the perfect dresses but sometimes what they love doesn't get mom's stamp of approval. one such mom and daughter sat down with bobbi thomas. >> what's it like to be 17 and have prom around the corner? >> there is a lot to get ready for. not just finding the dress, but finding a date, going tanning, shoes, jewelry, everything has to be perfect. dieting is big. i guess everyone wants to look their best. >> describe the pressure for me. >> my mom didn't have the same pressure. >> you have facebook. they are all looking at each other's dresses and posting everything. you have the magazines, television. you're bombarded with this stuff. >> okay. where do we start? >> sounds like a lot of work and expensive. >> my mom offered to help, but she can only help so much. >> is there a certain color you
9:48 am
want? >> we're not made of money and it is hard. >> reporter: would you trust your mom to go into a store without you and pick your dress out? >> no. >> reporter: if you could pick anything you wanted for her, describe what the dress would look like. >> what would she wear is the question. >> we have different taste. i like glittery and she likes it simpler. >> some of the stuff is unbelievable. just sexy. >> the perfect dress is long and white. >> let's try it on. >> maybe sparkles. i'm not sure. >> we have to figure out a way to make us both happy. >> just one more. let's go to the dressing room. >> oh, you look beautiful! >> thank you. >> all right, bobbi thomas is here with belisa branich.
9:49 am
good job. you helped her find a beautiful dress. elise was happy and sylvia was happy. they agreed. there is so much to choose. >> so much. >> how do you narrow it down? >> young girls are influenced by celebrities. taylor swift wore this one. pricey, but you have to have the conversation before you start shopping. both the daughter and mom should look at pictures. >> look online at pictures. what you think in your head may be different from what your daughter -- >> agree on the budget. >> definitely. >> make sure you go in with the same game plan. obviously moms and daughters sometimes have different ideas of what they want to wear as well. >> they do. >> moms want them to wear a turtleneck. and they want to show everything. >> exactly. you have to have the conversation before you pull into the parking lot. you know, the mall or store you are going to. as a mom you may hesitate to be very particular about your
9:50 am
guidelines, but you should have the conversation before you get to the store. number one. >> it will be ugly in the dressing room. you're not wearing that. >> uh-huh. >> what if you are still battling it out as you make choices? >> try to go at a time when you feel good about each other. shopping with your spouse you go at a time when you're happy rather than not. pick a time when you feel good about each other to go to the store to make compromise easier. >> good bonding time. thank you so much. i hope yshe had a great prom. coming up, a salsa verde to liven up any dish. first, this is "today" on nbc. see the world in hd with breathtaking clarity and incredible comfort. introducing purevision2 contact lenses from bausch and lomb. made with innovative hd optics for amazing detail... they're the only lenses with comfortmoist,
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9:52 am
this morning on today's kitchen, a simple salsa verde adds a tangy zip to poultry, meat and seafood.
9:53 am
his book is called "italian my way." jonathan waxman, good morning. >> thank you so much. >> i love your book. get us started. >> this is the easiest sauce on the planet. when i was a kid i had no idea about salsa verde which is green sauce. you can put it on anything. shrimp, pork, chicken, fish. smash your garlic. put on the anchovy for me. >> right on top. >> and capers. put those red pepper flakes right there and sea salt. we're going to add a little bit of ramps. it's ramp season. >> could you do it with arugala or something if you didn't have ramps? >> we'll put that on top. >> wow. look at that. >> the nice thing about this technique. can you throw on olive oil for me? >> you betcha. >> you can see it comes together
9:54 am
almost instan stain louses usely. a little bit of parsley. >> uh-huh. this is italian parsley? >> this is curly parsley. italian is the flat style. >> oh, i see. why use curly? >> you can use both. you can improvise. add a little bit of spinach. >> mm-hmm. you add. i'll chop. i'm doing the boat. >> you do the boat. use your elbow. shove it into that. there you go. >> oh, going forward. i get it. you're a good teacher. >> olive oil on top. we're just about done. >> so this sauce is really chopped up. >> totally. >> it ends up like this. >> keep it in the fridge for two weeks to a month. stir it every once in a while. the olive oil preserves it. >> okay. >> we have porterhouse pork chops with salsa verde on top.
9:55 am
will you turn my shrimp for me? >> looks like it needs to. >> little bit of smoke here. we have the shrimp on the skewer. beautiful flat italian onions. >> how did you caramelize those? >> inside a little aluminum bag with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. this is my j.w. chicken, the easiest thing. put it in a salamander, roast it, let it rest for five minutes. salsa verde on top. voila, you're done. >> everything looks good. thank you so much. >> little bit of pork for someone to taste. >> that's for natalie. thank you so much. we'll be right back after your loca
9:56 am
9:57 am
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> rain shower activity earlier this morning has dissipated. we will see a mixture of sunshine and clouds going into the afternoon. thunderstorms redevelop late in the day and some could be strong. scattered showers and thunderstorms possible each day this week. this week. 50% more bristles for big bold lashes. make your look even bolder with smoky shadowblast. 6 brilliant shade duos. a unique dual ended stick for colorful smoky eyes. smoky shadowblast plus lashblast. the smoky eye made easy.
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